Saturday, 3 May 2014

Scatter woods
The heart would were my thoughts unwalled,
Marry to dissolve in the swaddling scape,
Like sap from a tree, the vital spirit dipped
In honeycomb, play host to my lot
That I may reap the harvest in the eternal hour
And drench within to loosen the knot,
A keener joy distilled in the canopy
That draws my breath as if to replenish
The morning dew – resplendent in the tracery,
Rustling leaves mute the silence
And root my tangled feet among the trees
Where shadows espy semblance,
Altered in attendant nature I stood
To quench and dally – copious, to trance
The unbridled tread in the scatter woods,
Like an ancient eclipse that awes the sight
To multiply the plough by the sun and moon
A wooded scape unmasks the day from the night
And baptises the fettered mind into light, Breaking
Through the finest thread of natures original shroud.
by Jenny A Jones

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Happy St Davids day!

O blest ferment of holy desire
The unforgettable Dewi Sant
Obedient servant of the light
Penescoli of the Isle erudite:
‘Tis March the first be celebrant!

poem extract by Liza M Jones

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Happy St Dwynwens day! Patron Saint of Lovers

Happy St Dwynwens day!
The sacred promontory: the Isle of Llanddwyn
The rood upon’t, that nod unto the world
Welcomes the penitent or lovelorn kin
Athwart the arm of the Lord:
The arm of the Holy sea, ubiquitous:
Annex of his Kingdom, acclivitous.

His Saint whence fortunes mingle airily
With thine, eternally belong,
Undivided betwixt his heart and her lips, avowed verily,
Rendered life, his name buried age-long.
‘Tis the Almighty’s arrows like dew, that shower the celestial turf
So souls may flourish as flowers of her field; lovers from birth;

In picturesque arboreous climes
Native sands sketch a miraculous composition
Immense Heaven home stretch engirdling pines,
Shorelines in transposition: a writ of high commission
Beach seams sutured in seraphic skies
Flames of metaphysic dyes, relume the eyes

Down-drift canvasing the nimbus, ‘bout the isle
In a bosomed aspersion from heaven,
Covenant restin’ in the swell:
Cove Santes Dwyn, awell;
A spectacle wed together in constellation of seven
To crown the sable shores of our blessed Lord;
Dost beteem the banks: an epiphany shored;

A ministry of love crowned in the sacraments of the surf,
Stones of a crown lifted up from the trussed shingles of the seabed,
As a shining ensign upon his land; the fundaments of Jove on earth,
An altar of living stones built up a pious beach head
Consolation and joy enisled Gods child;
Abound here in love for a while: amass ablaze!
As issues from the seat of the soul, beguile and amaze!

For those who cease to advance love
Mad zeal would have them descend
Hither like the faithful pilgrim prove
Who seek the Paraclete divine and hearts distend
Heavy in prayer, blend auspicious
In sublunar sphere beauteous.

Extract from ‘Of his glory is Dwynwen’s story’ by Liza M Jones

Monday, 21 October 2013

Sonnet for Penrhos

Come marvel in the mirror of my nature.
The haunts of my muse: Penrhos pilgrimage,
 A comely paragon of unspoilt virtue;
 Consort of birds, a biblical corsage to forage;
 Unravel my mysteries in soul woven canopies:
 A breviary amidst the aviary;
 The pious mantles, agleam with a diadem of butterflies
That philtre on guiltless wings: natural topiary.
Liturgical o’flowing paths and passages,
 Idylls of bliss, the moity of souls infuse and blossom
 Clinging kisses; eternal address, succumb advowson ,
 To spousal posies; fragrant ‘thrall, hold thee hostage,
Aswoon in yielding glebe: Holy patronage,
 A bouquet of soul-marriage.

please could you sign my petition to save this inspirational place under threat from developers

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Poem : Ministry in Ascension

Death have no covenant over me,
Eternal Son shepherd of divine grace,
By almighty trinity I will be
A mirror of the blameless face.

Eternal Son shepherd of divine grace,
The Holy seed of the trinity,
A mirror of the blameless face
Scribed in thy forehead eternity:

The Holy seed of the trinity,
To turn thee away from iniquities
Scribed in thy forehead eternity:
A seal of patient ministry,

To turn thee away from iniquities
For truth sake, immortality
A seal of patient ministry
Quickened thy flesh in majesty,

For truth sake, immortality
The father of lights,
Quickened thy flesh in majesty
With divine attributes of triunity,
The father of lights -

Begotten Lamb of Glory
With divine attributes of triunity,
Sacrificed by lips of shame to Calvary:
Begotten Lamb of Glory

The awe of Elysian flesh,
Sacrificed by lips of shame to Calvary
Hidden cross of the heart confess
The awe of Elysian flesh;

Lion of soul console,
Hidden cross of the heart confess
I partake in flesh and blood,
Lion of soul console;

Morning Star of salvation,
I partake in flesh and blood,
A disciple of his passion:
Morning Star of salvation,

By almighty trinity I will be
A disciple of his passion-
Death have no covenant over me.
By Jenny Amelia Jones

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Haven't written much lately been painting and taking pictures...... BIG WARM♥ED HELLO TO ALL MY ♥WONDERFUL NEW FRIENDS!!